A New Trajectory - A name change

Published on 4/8/21

COVID-19 tried to kill Wilderness Coffee, but our community of coffee lovers came together & helped us create a more robust company. When we announced our going out of business sale, we received so many emails asking if there was any way to save it. Thanks to the concern of loyal customers, donations, & your continued purchasing of our specialty coffee, over the course of 3 months we made new connections & brought together a talented & driven team to not only save Wilderness Coffee but to take it boldly into the future. 

As part of that effort, we are now Blue Pine Coffee. The exact same coffee, roast profiles, & partnerships remain, only with new direction & more determination than ever before. By restructuring we strive to help you boldly fight for the goal of reducing your carbon footprint & producing cash-crop resources in developing countries. 

The name may have changed but the mission remains the same: Trajectory 

The highest quality coffee that mutually benefits Humans & Mother Earth.

What does this mean for Current subscribers? 

Not to worry at all. The same coffee beans from the same coffee farmers will still make their way to the same roaster here in San Jose, CA - then straight to you right after they're roasted. The only difference will be the logo on the bag. You'll still enjoy the supreme quality specialty grade coffee that you've come to know and love through Wilderness Coffee.