COVID-19 and Coffee

We are working as hard and safely as we can to ensure your shipments arrive to you as soon as possible and as fresh as can be. While delays are uncommon, there is still a possibility you will experience them. COVID-19 has highlighted areas of the coffee supply chain that need improvement. It has been said that for each coffee bean, there are 100 people involved from farm to cup. The largest delays we have experienced are about 1 month when getting our specialty origins from our importer. Green coffee has been stockpiled by roasters. We have seen some ports shut down and cut off coffee exporting. With the widespread availability of the vaccine, the industry appears to be recovering, but we want to let you know that it is still possible to experience delays. Don't worry though, if ever there are; we will let you know by sending an email with updates, estimates on time, and other options. We're working to ensure you get the world's most sustainable coffee in the most sustainable way possible. Thanks for your support and if you have any Questions let us know in the contact section of our main menu. 


-Blue Pine Coffee (Formerly Wilderness Roasters)