Free shirt + 30 days of coffee
Free shirt + 30 days of coffee
Free shirt + 30 days of coffee
Free shirt + 30 days of coffee
Free shirt + 30 days of coffee

Free shirt + 30 days of coffee

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  • BRZ
  • ETH
  • HON
  • NIC
  • PER
  • SUM
  • Decaf
  • Dark

Brazilian Specialty Coffee

Single Origin. Fair Trade. Organic.

About one-third of all of the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil, and much of Brazil’s premium coffee is labeled Santos after the port it is shipped through. Brazil is the largest exporter in the world, supplying approximately 60% of the world’s coffee – this is due in part to the sheer size of the country. While Brazil is a prolific exporter, it’s average elevation for coffee production is only about 1,100 meters.

This earthy, balanced coffee delivers a remarkably mild and smooth taste. Hints of toffee and cashew nut lend the buttery sweetness to this roast. It makes a wonderful breakfast coffee that will brighten your morning and nurture your spirit.


  • 100% washed
  • Altitude Range: 400 –1,600 meters above sea level
  • Harvest: May- September
  • Annual Coffee Production: 40-60 million bags

Ethiopian Specialty Coffee

Single Origin. Fair Trade. Organic.

A medium-bodied coffee with a smooth, pleasingly palatable acidity and a distinct, soft winey character.

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia and one of its finest coffees is from the Yirgachaffe. This certified fair trade organic grows in high elevations under a soft canopy of native shade trees and is the only coffee allowed in the palaces of Ethiopian kings. Considered one of the most unique coffees in the world, Yirgacheffe has achieved virtual cult status among aficionados in the U.S. We think the kings of Africa aren’t the only ones who deserve all the riches that nature provides — so do our customers! And among those riches is our Yirgacheffe coffee.


  • Origin: Ethiopia;
  • Fair Trade, Organic
  • Processing: Fully Washed

Honduran Specialty Coffee

Single Origin. Fair Trade. Organic.

This coffee is named after Cerro Azul Meambar National Park, a 400 square kilometer park roughly 50 km north of Siguatepeque. The park is found on the eastern banks of the famous Yojoa Lake and plays a vital role role in generating electric power for the country, supplying over 50% of the water for the El Cajon Dam in Honduras.

Cerro Azul is a Strictly High Grown blend composed of Catuai, Pacas and Caturra varietals grown at 1300-1700 meters above sea level.

Altitude: 1300+ masl

Processing: Wet

Nicaraguan Specialty Coffee

Single Origin. Fair Trade. Organic.

This coffee is grown by a coop of small farmers in northern Nicaragua. Founded in 1993, their mission is to promote economic and social development of their cooperatives and members through the production and trading of coffee that is economically profitable and ecologically responsible. Their production is certified organic. The cooperatives received their FLO-CERT in 2004 and in 2010 applied for and received their Smithsonian Bird-Friendly certification.

Altitude: 900-1300 masl

Process: Wet

Certifications: FairTrade, Organic, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly


  • (1) 12 oz.
  • 100% washed
  • Harvest: May- September
  • Annual Coffee Production: 40-60 million bags
  • Processing: Fully Washed

Peruvian Specialty Coffee

Single Origin. Fair Trade. Organic.

Medium body, slightly sweet with mild acidity. Clean with well structured body. Ripe berry, grape, tropical flavors.

This versatile Organic Fair Trade coffee is grown in high altitude regions in Peru. Moderately acidic with a soft body and flavor, this bean is ideal as a blending coffee or enjoyed on its own. Much like other South and Central American coffees, this varietal has a slightly nutty flavor quality, but is just a touch gentler. Our Dark roast generates a fuller body but still retains the delicate balance of these superb beans.


  • Population (2006): 28.3 million People
  • Coffee Production: 3,450,000 bags (60 kg)
  • Country bag capacity: 150 pounds - 69 kg
  • Domestic Consumption: 200,000 bags
  • Coffee Export: 3,250,000 bags
  • Cultivated Area: 120,000 Hectares (297,000 acres)

Sumatran Specialty Coffee

Single Origin. Fair Trade. Organic.

Our Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade Organic coffee is very full-bodied, with intense aroma and flavor that reverberates with an earthy, smoky and fruity complexity.

Universally recognized as one of the world’s most sought-after coffees, this Mandheling comes from a region called Gayoland in northwest Sumatra. Named for the people who inhabit the area and nurture this rare coffee, it is grown on very small farms — no more than 3 – 5 acres — under native shade trees in the Gayo Mountains at elevations exceeding 3,800 feet. Each grower processes his own coffee, then sun-dries the beans on handmade drying tables. The beans are then double hand-sorted before being sold to the world’s most discerning coffee buyers.


  • Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia; Aceh Region
  • Varietal: Typica, Caturra
  • Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
  • Roast Level: French
  • Processing: Semi Washed, Patio Dried
  • Elevation: 4000-5000 ft.

Roast Color: Dark

Cupping Notes: Cocoa, Honey, Tropical Fruit

Decaffeination Method: Water Processed

Story: Royal Select Water Decaf coffee is sourced from lots that our team has selected based on cupping evaluations. The green coffee is soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The beans are then introduced to a solution concentrated with coffee solubles that extract the caffeine without extracting the coffee’s particular flavor.

Cupping Notes: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Toasted Almonds

Story: This company favorite is sourced from the Chiapas state of Mexico. The co-operative cultivating this unbelievably consistent coffee continuously invests in their farmers by renovating the coffee farms and helping them make improvements to their houses. They also invest in training programs to turn organic wastes into high-quality compost using earthworms. This coffee's flavor can please everyone from the novice coffee drinker to the true coffee connoisseur.

100% Compostable.1 tree planted + 0 Plastic = 300% Carbon Negative Not sure what flavor to try? Looking for the perfect gift? No problem! Get this free shirt when you try out the World's Most Sustainable Coffee! Simply! Simply select add to cart and you're on your way to find your favorite fresh roast of specialty, fair trade, organic coffee! What's inside? This bundle includes a 30 day supply (1-2 cups/day) of the origin you select roasted on the date we ship it to you!



  • We suggest using a scale for best consistency
  • Suggested Water Temp 200°F - 210°F (93°C - 99°C)
  • 1:16 weight ratio of grounds to water -OR- 1 ounce grounds to 2 cups water 


  • 1:16 weight ratio of grounds to water
  • .5 oz of coffee will take 8 [weight] oz of water and yield approx 1 cup of coffee.


  • 1:1 ounce of coffee to cup of water
  • 1 oz of coffee will take 1 9/10 cups of water
  • .5 oz of coffee will take just shy of 1 cup of water


  • See above for suggested grounds to water ratio & water temperature.
  • Pour desired amount of coffee grounds into french press
  • Add pre-measured amount of water (see above for ratio)
  • Stir - grounds will float to top.
  • Stir again to dunk the grounds and begin extraction
  • Lower french press plunger knob as to put the spiral plate/filter screen half way down the water line
  • Raise the plate/filter screen back towards the top of the water line, but keep below froth.
  • Let set 3.5 -4.5 minutes depending on desired strength of coffee. We don't suggest going more than 5 minutes.
  • Decant (stop extraction) by pouring the coffee into a separate vessel
  • Serve, sip, and save the planet.


  • See above for suggested grounds to water ratio & water temperature.
  • Pour desired amount of coffee grounds into coffee filter
  • Add pre-measured amount of water (see above for ratio) but do not go above the filter.
  • Stir & swirl the grounds/water mixture as to extract maximum coffee. 
  • Continue adding water until your pre-measured amount is gone.
  • Continue stirring & swirling until no coffee is dripping.
  • Serve, sip, and save the planet.

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